Business Litigation

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I represent clients involved in disputes that are large or small, simple or complex, local or national.

In addition to serving as lead trial counsel, I also regularly work as local counsel to lawyers from other jurisdictions seeking assistance in the courts in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.

Whether I am serving as lead or local counsel, my approach is threefold:

  1. Identify the options available to our clients faced with/pursuing a dispute;
  2. Evaluate the implications and probable outcomes of all options; and
  3. Develop and utilize the best possible strategy.

I am prepared to put my decades of experience to work on issues, including:

•Contract disputes
•Business torts, including fraud claims
•Shareholder, membership (LLC) and partnership disputes
•Enforcement and defense of noncompete and nonsolicitation claims
•Commercial and residential landlord and tenant cases

I understand that in order to avoid the steep expenses of business litigation, it is important that an organization understands what it is undertaking before it is in the midst of a lawsuit. It is my commitment to help clients understand how and when to use litigation, how to defend litigation, and how the client's chosen strategy will affect the client's long-term business goals.

I would rather be the lawyer you remember for Not billing you $100,000.00 for a questionable case, than the lawyer that you remember cheer-leading you into bringing an unlikely case your emotions are leading you to pursue.  Rational decisions lead to the best solutions.

Call me at: (301) 838-7047 or Email me at